Richie Wes is a lyrical genius with the determination to create a self-made approach in the music industry.  His signature raspy voice mixed with his aggressive and high-energy flow provide the streets with the real story of a true westsider struggling to make it out of the hood by any means necessary. With the mind of an entrepreneur and the heart of a hustler, Richie Wes would soon go on to create and build a self-made brand during his college years that millennials would grow to love and never forget! Born and raised on the grimey streets of the Westside of Chicago, Wesley Lofton had a passion for Rap music, becoming influenced by the lyrical hip hop sounds of rappers Jay-Z, Nas, Kanye West and Rick Ross, this ambitious talent developed his own identifiable sound the streets would catch wave to. “My goal is to catch you at the first 10 seconds of all my music.  I attack the beat, no doubt!” the confident Richie Wes explains in an interview for his latest project, F.A.M.E. released January 2016.  

While listening to the sounds of Richie Wes, you will catch a glimpse of Heavy Loaf, La Flair and Jigga Richie, the three sides to this lyrical genius heard throughout his diverse musical approach on his most recent project F.A.M.E. which released January 22, 2016 on ITunes, Spinrilla, Spotify, Soundcloud, Livemixtapes, and My Mixtapes.  Reaching over 50,000+ plays, F.A.M.E. is the first and definitely the foundation album to spark Richie Wes entire career. F.A.M.E. not only tells the story of a true West Side resident, but this album also symbolizes the importance of growth in your environment, each letter defining his 4 steps to success. 

 Richie Wes continues to give well organized, live, high energy performances as he has had the opportunity to grace the stage with the likes of Lil Durk, Tink, Katie Got Bands, Stunt Taylor, Mikey Dollars and many more.   His promotional singles, “Bounce Back,” “Westside 1” and “Money Talk”, are some of the hit singles from his debut album, F.A.M.E. Wes is currently in the studio working on singles and visuals set to release late October 2016, with the major success of his first album, he is also in the studio preparing his 2nd album, “F.A.M.E. 2 – Fortune”, set to release in 2017.


Photographer: Chollette Made

Musician: Richie Wes


It takes time to make money. Making money means no time.
— Richie Wes